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Engage Your Brain

The brain is like a muscle. When it's in use, we feel very good."
Carl Sagan
Illustration of a brain with illustrations of brain healthy activities inside of it

Thinking clearly about brain health means knowing how to keep you on top of your game. It also means being able to discern between scientific principles of brain healthand popular myths and legends.

What is Brain Health to you?
I'm a Huge Fan! I love Brain health and am glad I have come into contact with this site. Thank you!
- Anna T.
Debunk the Myths
Crossword and Sudoku puzzles can prevent Alzheimer's disease Illustration of crossword puzzle with the words fact and fiction in it It’s almost always a good idea to challenge your brain to help overall brain health. However, scientists can't prove that a particular kind of activity like crossword puzzles will prevent a specific disease. fiction Engage your brain by reading, doing social activities or learning new skills. All short-term memory lapses are an early sign of brain decline. Illustration of a head with a clock inside of it As we age, some changes in brain functioning, including short-term memory, do happen more frequently than when you were younger. It’s a part of life. If you do happen to have lapses in memory on a regular basis, make an appointment with your doctor. fiction The things you do for heart health can help reduce some risks to your brain. Illustration of heart with healthy food surrounding it In fact, that heart-healthy diet you’re following can help reduce some risks to your brain. fact Tip: Follow a heart-healthy diet and exercise regularly<span class='em-dash'>—</span>it could be good for your brain! Mental health issues, such as depression, are not an inevitable part of aging. Illustration of umbrella with rain falling In fact, the prevalence of mental disorders among older adults is less than all other age groups. fact Tip: Stay involved in social activities as you age; it'll help stave off loneliness as well as give your brain a workout. Creativity and wisdom do not automatically decline over time. Illustration of paint brush and paint stroke A person's creativity, wisdom and personality can remain constant their entire lives. In fact, it’s said that we actually become wiser with age. fact There is nothing you can do to help reduce some risks to your brain. Illustration of warning sign with exclamation mark There is no magical pill or a way to guarantee you won’t have brain issues down the road. However, there are many lifestyle choices, like being physically active and staying social, which can help reduce some risks to your brain. fiction

Supporting Your Brain Health

Every day, scientists are discovering how closely our minds and bodies are connected. It turns out the things you do to help keep your body and heart healthy may be good for your brain. Learn what healthy activities you should incorporate into your daily life.