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Why Does
Marcia Gay Harden
Care About My Brain?

The brain is the most complex organ. It's also one of the most important. That's why keeping it healthy is criticalespecially as you get older. Learn about brain health and how you can make the most of your brain as you age. Find out what brain health means to Marcia Gay Harden.

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What is Brain Health?

Your brain changes as you age. It's natural. But the central mission of your brain never changes. Its job is to help you make sense of the world and oversee your daily operations and life.

Brain health refers to the ability to remember, learn, plan, concentrate and maintain a clear, active mind.

It's being able to draw on the strengths of your braininformation management, logic, judgment, perspective and wisdom. Brain health is also a key part of your overall health.

So when should you start concerning yourself with brain health? Now! By taking steps to help keep your brain and body healthy, you can enhance your life now and even help reduce some risks to your brain as you age.

Fact or Fiction?

Can puzzles improve your brain? What does your heart health have to do with your brain health?

Stop guessing and learn fact from fiction by taking an interactive quiz.

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The Changing Brain

As we get older, our bodies change. That includes the brain... It's called "brain plasticity," and it's normal.

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Engage Your Brain

There's no such thing as a "brain exercise," but there are lots of things you can do to help your brain stay healthy and reduce some risks to your brain.

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